Gezond en gelukkig leven begint hier en nu


Wat met alle wc-rolletjes? Knutselen!

doorLiesbeth De Corteop 31/03/2020

Je hebt het vast al gezien in de supermarkt: iedereen begint en masse toiletpapier in te slaan. Daarnaast zitten kleine kinderen - die normaal gezien doorheen de week naar de crèche, peutertuin of kleuterklasjes gebracht worden - zich thuis te vervelen. Één plus één is twee: laat ze knutselen met de wc-rollen. 

Wannes Nimmegeers

Generaties lang was het de normaalste zaak van de wereld, toiletrollen meenemen naar school om te knutselen. Ouders van kleuters kennen dan ook de veelzijdigheid van de kartonnen rolletjes als knutselmateriaal. Je kan ervan maken wat je wil: vlinders, krokodillen, octopussen, haaien ... 

Nochtans is het de laatste jaren in veel Vlaamse kleuterklassen verboden om te knutselen met wc-rolletjes wegens niet hygiënisch. Maar nu kinderen thuis zitten en vragen om geëntertaind te worden, én we met z’n allen massaal veel wc-papier gekocht hebben, is het tijd om deze oude traditie nog eens naar boven te halen. 

Nood aan inspiratie? Wij zochten alvast enkele voorbeelden bijeen, goed om je kroost aan het werk te zetten. Veel knutselplezier! En voor en na het knutselen de handen wassen uiteraard.

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🐝 “BEE MINE” VALENTINE 💘 // Here’s a fun Valentine’s Day Craft for you and your little one! 💕 I’ve partnered with @AleenesDIY to create something special for Valentine’s Day. And this adorable 🧻 toilet paper tube bee 🐝 with my baby girl’s handprints 🖐 as wings was just perfect! 😍 And I have to say, this glue is pretty amazing. It dries so friggin fast and any mess wipes up super easily with water. 🙌 Don’t have time to make this today? No problem! Just click the bookmark 🔖 button above to save it! Any questions at all? Drop 👇 them in the comment section below or DM me! 💘 WHAT YOU’LL NEED 🐝 Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
🐝 Paper Tube 🐝 Construction Paper 🐝 Goggley Eyes 💘 HOW TO MAKE IT (1) Cut a yellow piece of paper the length of and width of your paper tube. - (2) Cut 3 black stripes of paper and glue them in a bee-like pattern on the second half of the cut yellow paper. - (3) Glue the yellow and black paper around the paper tube. Hold for 30 seconds while the glue dries. - (4) Cut 2 small stripes of black paper for the antenna, and for a festive Valentine’s look, glue two small pink hearts to the top. - (5) Glue the antennas to the paper tube. - (6) To make the wings, trace your child’s hands on white paper, and cut out the handprints. - (7) Glue the wings to the paper tube. - (8) Add googley eyes and a smile to make your bee come alive! 💘 #AleenesDIY #valentinescraft #kidscrafts101 #kidscraft #kidscraftideas #preschoolcrafts #preschoolart #kidsart #kidscrafts101 #craftideas #valentinescrafts #valentinesparty #easycrafts #craftingwithkids #artsandcrafts #handprints #artwithchildren #preschoolactivities #activitiesforkids #recycleandplay #toiletrollcraft #valentines #craftymom #kidscraftsfun #craftsupplies #craftingfun #homepreschool #craftingideas #valentinesgift #kindergarten

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🚙Recycled Wobbly Cars🚗 . When I saw @toddleractivitiesathome awesome Recycled car post, I immediately saved it to try one day and that day has come! 🤣 I love using recycled materials for play and I somehow have a never ending supply of toilet paper rolls 🤗 . I started by letting the kids paint the tp rolls. We used the brush and the sponges and this a bit messy but luckily easy to wipe clean 🙈 #embracethemess 🤪 For my own spin, I thought it would be fun to have functioning wheels and having a 2nd seat to fit more of our @joguines_grapat nins and the folded bit was more a windshield than the seat making them look like convertibles 🤣 Once the rolls were dry, I made holes to thread through a bbq stick and hot glued the ends with plastic caps that I’ve saved from milk bottles, food and yoghurt pouches. They are by no means perfect and they’re wobbly but I think it adds to the charm! Swipe to see the slow mo video. ➡️ . I thought this would fit into this week paper rolls theme from @manywaystoplay and using recycled materials for the Earth theme from @a.pop.of.culture and @the12weeksof 😊 . . . . . #manywaystoplay #everydayplayhacks #apopofculture #the12weeksofspring #tprollcreation #cardboardcreations #cardboardcraft #toiletrollcraft #invitationtocreate #artsncrafts #invitationtoplay #raisingcreativekids #diycrafts #diytoys #diytoysforkids #diyplay #diyplaythings #learningthroughplaying #wherelearningmeetsplay #learningatheart #creativemamas #playbasedlearning #craftingwithkids

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